Graphite pencil drawing: *Enfoldment*, 30 x 32 cms.

Note: Enfoldment is a way of conceptualising reality where all material, mental, mixed and unknown entities are understood as processes that are containers of other processes and content in other processes.  The basic units of reality are not things but misty containers and content in unending transition.

Pencil drawing: *Modern Man*

Modern Man

Pencil drawing: *Modern Man*

Black ink and pencil on blue card; 52 x 39 cms.


Graphite pencil drawing; 42 x 32 cms.

This pose is also sometimes known as the “Flandrin” pose after the famous painting *Nude Young Man Sitting at the Sea Shore* (1836) by J-H Flandrin.  The pose was also much used by William Blake but usually viewed from in front to denote emotions such as despair and hopelessness.